Freebsd remount write a prisoner

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VOP_WRITE & read-only file system

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Security Concepts

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I want to write a program that on getting some sort of trigger will automatically connect to the internet by dialling the ISP's telephone number. After it has established connection it should store the IP address assigned to it by the ISP in a file. The game industry doesn't write programs for Linux, so Windows does games better.

The largest number of users out there are not able to understand using Linux. I saw the same deal with Windows computers though, until they got to something like 98SE. I am mucking about trying to write a small application that will run in a chroot jail.

I would also like it to reread its configuration file when receiving a SIGHUP signal, and the configuration file is. Freebsd remount disk command example.

Type the following command as the root user (superuser): # mount -o rw /dev/ad0s1a / OR # mount -o rw / Where,-o: Takes different options as follows: rw: Read write mount. ro: Read only mount. Make sure you replace /dev/ad0s1a and / with appropriate values. See FreeBSD mount command man page for more information.

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Freebsd remount write a prisoner
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