Leonardo da vinci mirror writing alphabet practice

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Balance and creativity: Lessons from Leonardo da Vinci

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It is very well known that Leonardo was left handed. His notebooks were written from right to left using mirror image script. These books were private, written for his eyes only. Oct 10,  · Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most famous mirror writers, wrote many of his personal notes this way.

Mirror writing has been used in cryptology, or code writing, as a very basic type of cipher.

Mirror writing

The code is written in reverse, and can easily be read when held up to a mirror. Jun 19,  · How to Become Ambidextrous Three Methods: Writing and Drawing Strength building Other activities Community Q&A Michelangelo, Einstein, Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, and Truman were all physically ambidextrous%(60).

Jul 14,  · This blog details my experience with Mirror Writing, which I learned from Leonardo Da Vinci. This fact of the great Leonardo’s habits has been a mystery. I will share my experiences, thoughts, and reflections (no pun intended – or is it a pun at all?). Deciphering Da Vinci’s Real Codes Investigative Files itself rendered in a baffling script that is finally recognized as mirror writing.

That backward form was employed by Leonardo throughout his celebrated notebooks (see figure 1). As I understand, and can say, this is the practice of our Leonardo da Vinci, lantern of painting, who.

Leonardo da Vinci is someone who understood the power of this practice. He had an unquenchable curiosity for the world and a creative imagination which helped him to become a master painter, sculptor, scientist, inventor, musician, architect, botanist, cartographer, and engineer.

Leonardo da vinci mirror writing alphabet practice
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