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Logistics & Transportation

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Logistics giant AMPORTS expanding its footprint

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Freight Mobility. Freight Mobility The international supply chain is a dynamic and ever-changing system that relies on an established and well-maintained infrastructure network to.

port drayage With over 20 years of drayage and port experience, our team of cargo experts are always available to help you with any questions you may have, or consult in length about your logistic needs. Logistic Center–Varna EAD is a joint stock company, the activities of which are supported by significant investments and management experience, good reputation and highly valued business connections.

OFFSHORE WIND LOGISTICS EEMSHAVEN: BASE PORT AND SERVICE PORT FOR THE OFFSHORE WIND INDUSTRY EXCELLENT SITUATED AND MANY FACILITIES. Eemshaven is excellent situated, close to the North Sea, and well-equipped to accommodate logistic. Port Logistics Realty PLR is a national industrial real estate investment platform focused on the development of distribution, logistics and e-commerce facilities.

Utilizing private and institutional capital, PLR is a well-capitalized developer, delivering Class A projects adjacent to international infrastructure in the United States' most.

RINA Academy offers training courses for port facility security officers, maritime clusters, ship operators, container inspectors, safety auditors.

Logistic port
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