Nginx redirect loop re write anime

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You can find your public IP here. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan. I connect to the linux server via putty SSH. I tried to run it as a background process like this: $ node & However, after hrs the.

Hello, I need help migrating a client's website to a new host (flywheel) along with configuring re-directions from an old website onto the new one, configure email forwarders to receive email from an old domain onto the new one, and making sure all goes smoothly.


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Aug 08,  · how i see it: in my config, first is the rewrite of the carddav / caldav (which you have as well) to redirect them to the owncloud directory, if that one is missing.

Optimized htaccess jobs

Once they are rewritten to /owncloud/, they match the location regex which redirects the various documents to the right files, leaving the URI intact.

since my document root is.

Nginx redirect loop re write anime
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Redirect loop with Nginx, need help with the conf file - ownCloud Forums