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Rewrite+ english release?

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6 Anime Like Rewrite [Recommendations]

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As always for all of your thesis anime needs, keep it locked here on Joan's Anime. The barbarian is simple:. Publisher VisualArt’s announced at Anime Central that they will be translating Rewrite+ into English.

The re-release of Rewrite and its fan disc Rewrite Harvest Festa! was first announced back in April, with no mention of a localization. The announcement was publicized online through the Twitter account of visual novel fansite Fuwanovel.

Giving the meta thread a fresh new start. Feel free to discuss the board and its rules, ask me questions or give suggestions.

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Old meta thread >> Nov 16,  · Anne-Marie's solo is good, but James sounds like he's mumbling through his lines, and the duet parts have like an extra syllable stutter after each line. Fan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic, fic or ff) is fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than by its creator.

Fans may maintain the creator's characters and settings or add their own. It is a popular form of fan labor, particularly since the advent of the Internet.

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Rewrite anime reddit news
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