Social evil of only indian societies

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Top 10 Secret Evil Societies

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10 women social reformers who fought to bring change in India

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Social Evils – Essay

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Problem of Dowry in India | Many problem of dowry in Indian Societies

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Essay on social evils in India

However, even after so much effort by social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy in the early 19th century, India is still orthodox when it comes to giving equal rights to women as against men.

India, the cradle of civilization, is now beset with a number of social evils. They are so numerous that one shudders to think of them. There have been social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Ray, Maharishi Daya Nand and Swarni Shradhanand.

Dowry system is the most deep seated problem in the Indian society. Due to dowry system in Indian society many other social evils have taken birth. Girl children are neglected, sex- selective abortion is also the main result of dowry system. While we have mentioned only 10 activists, there are several others who have helped bring about a change to the Indian society.

We salute the Indian women; however, the struggle is still on. Caste System As Social Evil In India. The caste system of India All types of societies and races have some sort of functional social stratification. The only difference is that in most cases it remains in an elementary from and elastic.

The peculiar feature of the Indian caste system is that in India the aforesaid process has crystalized into watertight compartments.

Social evil of only indian societies
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Dowry System in India: Problems, Social Dimensions and Other Details