The importance of moral obligation to ones spouse

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Doing the Right Thing: When Moral Obligation Is Enough

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3 With respect to legal obligations, maintenance and property allocations which the law would support during the testator’s lifetime should be considered.

According to Jesus, when “Spouse A” began to move in the direction of seeking an unjustified divorce, “Spouse B” should have protested to “Spouse A” that this was a sin against God, against spouse, against children (if applicable), against the church and against society.

His theory therefore makes nonmaleficence central to the nature and theory of moral obligation while denying that beneficence has any place in the theory of obligation. However, the mainstream of moral philosophy has been to make both not-harming and helping to be obligations, while preserving the distinction between the two.

For me, the moral obligation was tied to the promise I made to my wife on our wedding day. I can think of only one circumstance--abandonment (which includes abuse and infidelity)--which I believe would make divorce an option. Oct 14,  · Yes I think there is a moral obligation to turn down a come on from a married person.

It may seems like the married person making advances is all in the wrong but you're equally at fault if you're willingly hurting another human being (the spouse).Status: Resolved.

If one fails to live up to one’s obligation to uphold the laws of the land, alienation from individuals or even from a group of individuals will ensue.

Moral Obligation in Business Law

For example, someone who takes innocent life will experience alienation from that person’s loved ones, maybe a spouse or child.

The importance of moral obligation to ones spouse
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The Nature of Moral Obligations: Sociability | Stand to Reason