Water of crystallization in washing soda

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Determine the Percentage of Water of Crystallization

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Experiment: To determine the percentage of water of crystallization in hydrated sodium carbonate (washing soda).

Water of crystallization is the water which is found as part of the structure of a crystalline substance. It has nothing to do with being wet. The water molecules referred to in the term occupy positions in the crystal lattice of the substance. Chemical formula of washing soda is Na 2 CO H 2 O When sodium carbonate crystals are exposed to air They lose water of crystallization and turn to white powder.

This process of loosing water of crystallization when exposed to air is called efflorescence.

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Aim: To determine the water of crystallization in washing soda crystals (dailywn.com2O) Research Question: What is the percentage composition and the amount (in moles) of water in the given ionic hydrate?

(dailywn.com2O) Background Information: Sodium Carbonate also known as Washing Soda (dailywn.com2O.

Sodium acetate

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Water of crystallization in washing soda
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